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Size: 100x80 x4 cm

Year: 2023

Materials: Mixed media( Acrylic paint, acrylic marker and soft pastel) on canvas.

Certificate of authenticity provided

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SKU: 016
  •  "I paint to understand my feelings, to process emotions and to express them, but also to explore unknown thoughts, ideas and concepts. This painting went through an organic creative process while I was exploring the idea of human relationship.

    The concept is that in this lifetime we come across thousands of people. In one way or another we connect to everyone, and every interaction is different, unique and forever embedded in ourselves.

    And sometimes we create connections that are strong and that have a stronger effect on our lives. Those are the people we are in contact with: family, friends and the people we admire. These are the relationships that truly help in shaping our personalities. These connections are ties to other people.

    Even though you may not be talking to someone, that tie, that unique relationship, will always have happened. And we share a unique connection with each and every person we come across to in this lifetime. "

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